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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 10am  NBC  March 20, 2016 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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we are off to a cold start this spring. the season has changed over but it won't feel like it today. plus we're tracking some rain and snow creeping towards the area. campaign trail chaos. the rowdy rallies continue for donald trump. this time in arizona. the threats continue against his family including one with a philadelphia connection. plus tournament time for villanova and st. joe's as the local teams set their sights on sweet 16. we'll break down second round action in the big dance. good morning, everyone. welcome to nbc 10 news. i'm ted greenberg. thank you for being with us. it's 10:00 a.m. this sunday morning. first alert meteorologist sheena
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parveen is in the "weather center" for us this morning. sheena, you're going to need your winter coat for the first day of spring. >> yes, we're going to be about 10 degrees below normal today. it is a cold first day of spring outside we're mostly in the 30s and still tracking snow as we go through later tonight. not for everybody. live at boathouse row, flags blowing, winds gusting at 25 miles an hour this morning. it is breezy and cold to start your day. gloomy outside. overcast skies on radar. mostly dry at this point. temperatures 39 in philadelphia, 33 allentown, 36 in redding at the moment. most of new jersey and delaware near 40. look at future weather, by 3:00 p.m. rain into parts of new jersey and delaware. later tonight we're talking about 9:00, 10:00, some of that rain will be changing over to snow. it's going to be mainly in new jersey and delaware. as we go through the afternoon, 40 degrees dropping to mid-30s by 9:00 p.m. with that rain and snow around, this will be
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lingering through the morning commute for some of you. we'll take a look at that forecast coming up. sheena, thank you. we'll see you then. new overnight one man in stable condition following a shooting in southwest philadelphia. police say a 23-year-old man was shot three times around 2:30 this morning near the corner of 58th street and beaumont avenue. investigators wo investigators working to find a motive for the shooting. so far no arrests. in chester delaware county firefighters called to a house on concord avenue near west 5th street. they found heavy fire and smoke on the third floor. it are spread to two more buildings before being put under control. we checked in the last half hour and the person is still being treated at the hospital. in just a few hours villanova will tip off against iowa. later st. joe's takes on oregon.
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the excitement is building for our locals. pamela osborne live on the st. joe's campus, which is quiet right now but not for long. >> quiet for now but, as you said, not for long. we've been catching up with nova fans overnight up late, up early trying to make it to that 12:10 game. >> it's the ncaa tournament. we're here to win. >> we've been here before, faced adversity. but this time we know what happens and we're going to win. at this eatery the conversation dominated by sunday afternoon's matchup between villanova and iowa. she wasn't the only one predicting a win. >> now we're in march madness, we're going to win this. we're going all the way. put us in the elite eight but going all the way. >> kayla smith is hoping she'll be witness to the first of several more rounds for wildcats.
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she was fresh in ton for big east and making her way for villanova action joining scores of other fans in new york city. >> we're going to beat but going to feel great. it's going to be the most fun thing ever. st. joe's fans probably sleeping in a little this sunday morning because their team does not play until 9:40 tonight. reporting live, i'm pamela osborne for nbc 10 news. new this morning, violence at donald trump rallies is sparking action from republican leaders. this morning's "new york times" is reporting the gop is planning a 100 day campaign to lobby delegates and deny trump the presidential nomination. this is the video of the trump rally in arizona last night. the video appears to show an audience member kicking and punching a protester who they
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were escorting out. the protester who was not seriously hurt spoke with nbc news. >> you saw all hell break loose. this and that. he's stomping me. incredible. i understand that people support donald trump but do they support this kind of thing? >> brian sanders says the republican presidential front-runner is associating himself with violent extremist people who are willing to go to any lengths to get him nominated. anger surrounding donald trump's campaign is now impacting his family. sources tell nbc news trump's sister, maryanne trump barry, received a death threat. she's a judge in philadelphia. authorities say she got a threatening letter last week, the day after one of donald trump's sons received an envelope with white powder inside, which turned out to be harmless. meanwhile john kasich says under no circumstances would he consider becoming a vice presidential candidate if he doesn't win the gop nomination. the ohio governor made those
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remarks in an interview for nbc "meet the press" set to air later this morning. kasich remains a long shot to win the republican presidential nomination. this morning we're hearing from a good samaritan who rescued a driver just moments before his car burst into flames here in camden county. shaw was driving along new brooklyn aerial road in winslow township when the car hit a tree. shaw saw what happened, borrowed an axe from a neighbor and began hit the door of the burning car. >> proceeded to try to get that door open, pry it open. >> just hammering with the axe on that door. >> uh-huh. the fire is right here, i'm here. >> two other good samaritans ripped out the window and pulled the driver out. he's in the hospital in critical condition this morning. more than a dozen dogs and cats are living cleaner lives this morning. the spca rescued them from a
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filthy home. they were in holmesburg where animal control officers removed the pets. they showed up after they got a tip from the police the dogs and cats were living in unsafe conditions. spca calling it a case of animal hoarding. it's now caring for all of those rescued animals. 10:07 right now. up next, nature in action. this morning we've been keeping a live eye on this eagle's nest where a feathered family just got bigger. plus history in the making as president obama visits cuba. we'll tell you what the first family has planned as president obama becomes the first commander in chief to visit that country in nearly a century.
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now, you're nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> good son morning, the first official day of spring but doesn't feel that way.
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you're going to want a heavy coat before you step outside. cape may, overcast skies, gloomy start to the morning. later on tonight we'll see snow. that's after a round of rain this afternoon. a look at satellite and radar. clouds for everybody and we're mainly dry but rain to the south and more moisture off the southeast coast. we'll see that organize and get rain later today. snow later tonight. 39 in philadelphia, millville, even wilmington. mid-30s through the lehigh valley, 41 in dover, 43 in wildwood. a look at future weather. this is what's going to happen, by 2:00 p.m. light rain moving into delaware. by 8:00 p.m. tonight, see some of the rain changing over to snow. mostly new jersey and delaware. look at 1:00 in the morning. while many of you are sleeping, in new jersey and delaware we expect snow developing here, mostly on the roadways. then we'll see that lingering for part of the morning commute tomorrow. not for everybody. this is not a snow event for the
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entire area. coming up i'll show you the timing tomorrow morning and how much you may be able to expect. >> all right, sheena, thank you. eleven minutes after 10:00. up next searching for clues in this deadly plane crash in russia. we'll explain what's happening today that investigators hope will lead to answer. plus change of plans. what we now know about the man captured in this raid and his role in the paris terror attacks
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. today president obama travels to havana to open a new era in u.s. cuban relations. president obama and the first family will spend two and a half days in cuba. the president will attend a state dinner hosted by by
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president fidel castro. president obama will also deliver a speech to the cuban people, meet with dissidents and take in a baseball game between tampa bay rays and cuban national team. lester holt will report and anchor "nbc nightly news" from havana at 6:30 tonight and tomorrow night. that's right here on nbc 10. this morning we are learning more about the former fugitive arrested in the paris terror attacks he said he intended to be one of the suicide bombers but back out at the last minute. he backed out of this raid friday in belgium. he was shot in the leg and arrested. as he was interrogated yesterday by police, he told them he wanted to blow himself up at the stadium but changed his mind at the last minute. instead he drove some attackers to paris. his lawyers are fighting his extra dicks to france. >> i wouldn't say it's a relief that he's been arrested. to be honest, i felt numb. borders across europe are on alert for other accomplices who may be on the run after abdelslam's arrest.
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hundreds are paying their respects to the victims of ali plane crash in russia. they are leaving flowers, candles and toys at the airport. investigators recovered the plane's cockpit and voice recorder and flight data recorder as well. they are pretty banged up after yesterday morning's crash. all 62 people on board the plane were killed. the jet tried to land during bad weather. other lanes were unable to land and diverted during the same time period. investigators are also looking into a mechanical problem or pilot error as possible causes of the crash. this is closed circuit tv footage showing the plane going down at a steep angle and exploding. the poorful blast left a big crater in the runway and pulverized the plane. a dream come true for a drexel graduate who died in a plane crash in europe last year. nbc 10 at world cafe live in
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university city for the third planet music tribute festival. friends and family of emily carried her lifelong dream of putting on a music festival. last march her and her mother died when a german pilot intentionally crashed an airliner into the alps. she graduated in 2013, yvonne graduated from high school in 1975. from our delaware bureau, a good samaritan is being credited with saving lives at an apartment complex after a fire raced through almost two dozen units. it started at the edge at green tree apartments. didn't take long before it spread to adjoining building. smoke could be seen from far away. some followed that smoke to see how they could help.
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>> i started beating on doors telling every, fire, fire, smoke. everybody get out. several tenants in there not really concerned about it but i told them everybody get out, there's fire everywhere. 22 units were burned causing $800,000 in fire damage. fears are growing over led in school districted water. a lab found elevated levels in half the schools. the school shut off fountains in 30 buildings and offered to test as many as 17,000 kids for contamination. the superintendent thinks the state needs to get involved so they will have all the resources needed. a public hearing starting at 8:00 a.m. it will fob us on the problem of led in schools and safe drinking water. philadelphia water experts are set to testify about the best ways to prevent led exposure as
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our infrastructure ages. new this morning, there are now two baby eaglets nesting in washington, d.c. the second was born a few hours ago as the world watched on this webcam. the eagle mom and dad have their nest high in a tulip poplar tree among azalea collection at the u.s. national arboretum. mom and dad are nicknamed mr. president and the first lady. they have been bringing fish for their young ones to eat. here is another live look. the american eagle foundation runs the nest camera. last summer the same eagle parents raised one eaglet. you can check out the baby eagles by coming to we've got a link there to the live stream. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> i had no idea they were second time parents. very interesting. today is the first day of
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springs. temperatures will be cold. right now mostly in the 30s. for tonight we still expect snow across part of the area. that's going to be mostly overnight. some linger part of the morning commute for parts of the area. some slippery roads. overcast skies in philadelphia. breezy out there. near 40 degrees now. the winds have been gusting close to 20, 25 miles per hour. temperatures mid-30s through the lehigh valley, 35 in pottstown, 39 wilmington, 30 bensalem. still in the upper 30s for most of new jersey. atlantic city coming in at 40 degrees. 41 in dover. we're not going to get very warm today. clouds are going to hang around. rain moving in from the south. maybe some flurries trying to form in the poconos but we really expect most of what we'll see from any snow to be in new jersey and delaware later tonight. now you see moisture off the southeast coast. that's going to organize a move spot area but going to remain offshore. we'll be on the edge of this thing. here is what it looks like today. 3:00 p.m. rain in new jersey and
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delaware. temperatures warmer, about the mid-40s. 8:00 p.m. this evening. there you see snow starting to develop in new jersey melting on the roadways. overnight we do expect a lot of rain still around to be changing over to snow. you see it's not for everybody. it's mostly new jersey and delaware. some of that could be edging up into the philadelphia area and maybe suburbs north and west. we'll have to keep a close eye on this the edge through the area. temperatures at that time still above freezing so we still expect some melting on the road. early tomorrow morning by 6:00 a.m. this should be sliding offshore more. some parts of the area like the shore and delaware beaches could be dealing with snow for the morning. either way expect slippery roadways for the morning hours. still cold. by 9:00 a lot of that moving out. what we do expect as of now, one to three for parts of new jersey and delaware, mostly grassy accumulations. a lot will be melting on the road. some areas might stick, in the
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philadelphia area mostly on the grass. mostly cloudy and cold, high temperatures in the mid to low 40s. rain south jersey and delaware this afternoon and changing to snow later tonight. again, some of that will be moving farther north and west but we'll be keeping a close eye on it. don't be surprised later tonight if you see those snow showers before you go to bed. most will falling white you're sleeping. lingering into the morning commute. that will mostly be new jersey and delaware. dry for monday. take a look at the rest of the workweek. we're warming to 70 degrees by thursday and sunny, yes, it will be feeling like spring this week. friday there you see it, some spring showers rainy and mild. >> looking forward to that warm-up. happening today christians around the world marking palm sunday. pope wrapped up sunday mass at the vatican a few hours ago. this is the start of holy week for christians around the globe. it leads up to he's ter,
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crucifixion commemorated. the holiday marks the day jesus christ went into jerusalem on a donkey as crowds put palm branches in his path. flyers try to gain ground in the hunt for the playoffs. sydney crosby and the pens have other ideas. "meet the press," senate leaders harry reid and mitch mcconnell will discuss supreme court nominee merrick garland at 10:30 on nbc 10.
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villanova wildcats take on iowa in the second round of ncaa tournament. nova looking to make the sweet 16 for the first time in seven years we have a great opponent in
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iowa. >> we've done this before. it didn't kill us. let's give it everything we've got and enjoying playing the game. >> oregon ducks will tip off out west. hawks say they are ready to play. >> i think it's really exciting playing on the team, multiple times getting out and playing a team you never played before, it kind of shows where we line up. like a test for us. i think we're all ready to step up to that test. >> villanova is the second game, wildcats tip off against iowa 12:10. st. joe's the late game, ducks and hawks at 9:40 tonight. playoff push for flyers. yesterday they failed to gain ground in the hunt for the postseason against sydney crosby and the penguins. yesterday the pens erupted for three goals in the second period to cruise to a 4-1 win.
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the flyers had just 17 shots on goal. with the lost philadelphia three points behind red wings for second wild card spot. they are on the roads against islanders tomorrow. happening today, you can enjoy some beautiful flowers while you shop. today is the grand opening of the macy's flower show at the macy's store in center city. this year's theme is america the beautiful. macy's flower show runs from now until april 3rd. also today starting at noon, can you get a free rita's italian ice just because it is the first day of spring. all of the company's stores nationwide are participating in the giveaway. this is the 24th year for the promotion. rita's expects more than 1 million people to enjoy a free treat to celebrate the arrival of spring. so you can have a ice in one hand and hot chocolate in another. >> you can eat rita's any time of year. i eat ice cream when it's freezing outside.
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today is going to be cold, first day of spring and it's in the 30s. temperatures cold, 39 at the nbc 10 studios. there you see the flags blowing on top of the building. so it is going to stay breezy and chilly today. take a look at future weather. so if you missed it earlier, this afternoon rain to the south. look what happens by 9:00 p.m. some of that rain changes over to snow. this is 9:00 tonight. this time temperatures still above freezing. we would see a lot of this melt. overnight there you see it for new jersey and delaware. we're kind of on the edge this system. it's offshore but as it moves through most of the area snow will be in new jersey and delaware. some could linger for monday morning. we're going to say snow mostly southeast of philadelphia although it could be edging into the philadelphia area. we have to watch the track since we are on the edge. monday we clear out. look at the seven-day forecast. it looks nice this week. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, each day warmer than the next. by thursday 70 degrees. there you go.
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guaetta's water ice this week. go into friday spring showers return. we stay in the 60s. today is going to be. it's going to feel like winter. for some people look like winter. most of that snow developing will be. >> all right. take it easy in the morning, south and east of the city. >> drive slow, take your time, could be slippery in many areas. >> thank you so much for being with us. "meet the press" is coming your way next. from all of us at nbc 10, we hope you have a great time.
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switch to better. switch to fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v this sunday. the republican establishment has tried persuasion. >> mr. trump is a con man, a fake. >> it's tried schoolyard tactics. >> and you know what they say about men with small hands. >> and still, donald trump keeps winning. but last night, more ugliness at a rally. [ shouting ] >> as trump warns of violence if he's denied the nomination. >> i think you'd have riots. >> but can he stopped? democrats cry foul. >> the senate will continue to observe the biden rule so that


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